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How is Florida Maintaining Historical Landmarks?

Exploring preservation of historical areas, as well as the disappearance of others


  1. Florida, the 27th state in America has been in existence since 1845.  It shares with residents and visitors alike natural beauty in the outdoors, an abundance of citrus, and many tales with historical significance.  
  2. Over the years, the history of Florida has been explored more thoroughly and various agencies centered on sharing the findings of these explorations have been developed.
  3. Some establishments house physical evidences from different time periods.  This allows for visitors to learn and view actual examples from previous times.  The importance in this is that it is necessary for each state in the United States to value the past while traveling to the future.
  4. The Museum of Florida History
  5. There have been groups that "flew under the radar" and would meet to discuss presenting their revision examples to higher power committees.  In 2011, one group that had been meeting, hosted actual members of the Historic Preservation Board as well.
  6. Historic Preservation Ordinance Re-write & The Florida Sunshine Law
  7. One question which arises from this segment, would be why the need existed for groups to unofficially meet to prepare plans of action in regards to preserving state related places and landmarks.  If there are other affiliates that are open to their cause, where is the reason coming from for why this may have occurred?

    As technology advances and allows for new ways of research and preservation to occur, there are new methods for collecting data and physical items for the purpose of enabling others to have consistent access to different materials. 
  8. Another provoking thought from research, insists the question of how certain areas earn the title of being certified for having significance to state heritage.  Easiest way to say this: what constitutes being known for historical significance in the Sunshine State?
  9. One answer to this would be the Florida Historical Commission(FHC), which works to "to enhance public participation and involvement in the preservation and protection of the state's historic and archaeological sites and properties. The Commission advises and assists the Division of Historical Resources in carrying out the programs, duties and responsibilities of the Division."  This group offers an organized approach to this portion of the subject in development.

    Group research has been discovered related to various landmarks in the state of Florida, specifically broken up by direction.  For example, an article from USA Today explains it best saying, "No matter which area of the state you are visiting, you can find famous landmarks in Florida."
  10. When finding these landmarks, it is important to learn the status of the preservation of the landmark.  If people do not care to notice this part, then what would be the reason to have organized agencies in place to keep things protected?  One group in the Orlando, Florida area is striving to maintain fundraising for a project related to preserving a sign that has been part of the city since the 1950's.  The sign in question has signified when the holiday season is officailly upon the City Beautiful.  In the 90's however, the sign stopped being lit up but remains in place where inhabitants still view it.  This brings two questions to light in relation to how the Florida preservation efforts truly hold up; how is anything determined historical maintain its place and how is it determined to no longer preserve an area?