My #Bcastsavvy Presentation

Thanks to all who followed along!!! #Newhousesm6


  1. My social media presentation is interactive, fun and educational. I found through much research that there is so much more to using social media than just to update your followers on events. It allows you to gather sources, network, find stories, and make an impact on peoples lives through your reporting. Welcome to my #bcastsavvy presentation!
  2. The most important thing to do when reporting on the go and you're on the beat: adhere to a journalist's code of ethics S_M_A_B: SEEK TRUTH AND REPORT IT, MINIMIZE HARM, ACT INDEPENDENTLY AND BE ACCOUNTABLE.
  3. I made sure to upload my presentation to slide share and run analytics on the amount of people who liked it. About 80 likes in just a few hours : ) 

    I wanted to make sure I demoed two apps that help broadcast journalists on the go! The PATCH app and USTREAM.
  4. And finally, my team took the time out to thank my interviewees: @timcast, @jillkonopka, @amartinmedia, @johnpalacio