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ScienceOnline 2014 impromptu session: safe space, harassment, rebuilding trust; March 1, 2014; Facilitated by @docfreeride & lead author on blog post recap (2nd slide). Apologies if any Tweets missing that did not use "#scioSafe" (tried to follow threads).

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  1. March 2, 2014 update: The following was the #scioSafe 60 second recap during the last #scio14 converge session. Text was transcribed from the internal #scio14 video recording and slightly edited to remove speech disfluency.
    "Hi, I'm Janet Stemwedel @docfreeride; and, I'm speaking for the #scioSafe session which we had out there in the lobby at noon. There was a lot of expressing of feelings dealing with where this community has been and what we've been through over the last year. And how much the community matters to us, how much we want to be able to take our aligned values and excitement and enthusiasm and do wonderful things. And how we can make a space to do that. So we talked about ways in which we feel that we need stronger trust with the organization and the leadership of this organization because the community and the organization are not precisely the same thing. We spoke about how we need to hear clearly from leadership of the organization how they see the community in the mission of the organization and how we can go forward so that we can work together within the bounds of this organization, how the organization can be accountable to the community, and what the community needs. I reckon we're still going to be talking about this stuff; but, we want to make the community strong and powerful and able to do all the things we know we can do. And we hope that the organization and its leadership can be part of that."
  2. update re: "tweet as much as u want" unless speaker requests not publishing their statement