Digital Fabrication: Catalytic & Connected #DigiFabCon 2017

"Exploring How New Digital Fabrication Tools Are Changing Our World" • Cambridge, MA • March 30 - April 1, 2017


  1. The themes of #DigiFabCon 2017 are vast; here, I'll give a broad sweep through some collected online media and provide links to related sites, as a way to keep the flow-momentum and connections. Email me at or find me online @MindWise_CK if you'd like to add in any links, materials, etc. to this meta-collection-- and, or, to strengthen the nodes. Thanks!
  2. We arrived in Cambridge for conf-kickoff greetings from Sarah Boisvert, Founder, DigiFabCon @FabLabHub and an opening welcome from Larissa Matzek, Mass Development.
  3. Here's Sarah Boisvert encouraging us to explore how people's lives are changed by the tools of digital fabrication. @BruceHecht has a front-row seat for the action...
  4. Next, Sherry Lassiter (@fablass), Director, Fab Foundation takes the stage to talk about "Digital Fabrication as a catalytic component of STEM in schools." Some key takeaways: • K-12 Innovation Networks; • "catalytic STEM environments" • MakerEd and FabLabs platforms • SCOPES has just been funded...
  5. Now, we're looking to: 1) Leverage the distributive nature of these tools; 2) Bring it local; 3) Accelerate innovations through the maker movement.
  6. Fab Lab Hubs for connection:
  7. Design Communities Beyond Borders (a digitally fabricated transitional shelter designed by Bill Young and Robert Bridges):
  8. Great links here to the UN #SDGs; the Global Educator Task Force is doing amazing things in this arena: