The Tamiflu Timeline

A timeline of key links and articles, in response to the drugs company Roche not publishing all clinical trial data on Tamiflu and more relating to the #AllTrials campaign.

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  1. The British Medical Journal interactive timeline shows articles about Tamiflu which were published in the BMJ, between 2003 and 2012.
  2. 8th October 2015
  3. 'The Academy of Medical Sciences & Wellcome Trust report emphasises the need to conduct trials into the effectiveness of antivirals in pandemic situations. The implications of this report should not be underestimated; the misinterpretation of the evidence to date has wasted scarce resources and led to widespread confusion.' Prof. Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford
  4. 'The report concludes that, although the neuraminidase inhibitor drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza are effective, using them to treat people with mild influenza did not bring a huge benefit and sometimes caused vomiting as a side effect. However the report importantly emphasises that the drugs are much more important for treating severe influenza, and that early during an outbreak, before the severity is known, using them is prudent.' Prof. Wendy Barclay, Chair in Influenza Virology, Imperial College London
  5. 'It is key that health professionals have access to data from properly controlled clinical trials which are the cornerstone of all evidence-based medicine. We support the report’s recommendation that the UK must be prepared to conduct the clinical trials into the effectiveness of antiviral drugs when the next influenza pandemic arises.' Prof. Anne Cooke, Chair of British Society for Immunology Policy Forum, and Professor of Immunobiology, University of Cambridge
  6. 30th January 2015
  7. 24th April 2014
  8. 17th April 2014
  9. 15th April 2014
    "The government will push ahead with its plan to spend £49m (€60m; $80m) replacing stocks of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) that are due to expire, so as to maintain its stockpile of antivirals in case of a flu pandemic." Ingrid Torjesen, The BMJ
  10. 14th April 2014
  11. 13th April 2014
  12. 11th April 2014