Cochrane UK & Ireland 21st Anniversary Symposium

Cochrane's Challenge. #ukcc21 20th & 21st March 2013, Said Business School, Oxford.


  1. Well we promised that Cochrane's challenge would be the theme of our symposium and while we started this exciting two day event with a look at some of the ways in which the Cochrane Collaboration has responded to Archie Cochrane's vision of what was needed to transform medicine and improve health, the emphasis was firmly on what we need to do next in the changing health care landscape of the 21st century. The challenges are many, not least for Cochrane! 
    Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies began the Opening Plenary, which asked 'why do we have to think differently in the 20 years ahead?
  2. Opening Plenary, Cochrane UK & Ireland 21st Anniversary Symposium
  3. A look at the financial backing Cochrane receives here in the UK and promises of continued support
  4. There were plenty of challenging and thought-provoking questions throughout the symposium. Here's one from Minervation:
  5. A first mention of the importance of the impact of reviews - something we kept coming back to
  6. Systematic reviews are essential for guidelines
  7. Next we enjoyed an entertaining and informative talk from Andrew Dilnot, economist, broadcaster and Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, with a look at how spending has changed over the decades