#UsGuysNYC April Meetup

Awesome tweeps from the #UsGuys tribe made it out Friday night for an amazing meetup! It's always great to get together and talk IRL. Missed it? Here's a snapshot of what went on IRL and through twitter - was a great time!


  1. I'm really excited about #140ConfMTL and it was great to see Ted again IRL, he's been so awesome in all his support! #Usguys rock for tribe support, thanks Ted! ~Mila
  2. UsGuysNYC Noni and Rob
    UsGuysNYC Noni and Rob
  3. A surprise arrival @DanPerezFilms joined us. He was on location in NYC to finish up some of the work on his current project for Ventilator Assisted Children (VACC Camp) & The Miami Children's Hosptial. Dan can come off like a dark guy, but he does some amazing work! If you don't know Dan, you should check him out on his blog where sometimes he posts a little about the awesome work for non-profits that he is involved in! #SocialGood
  4. Every time I meet Susan, who we have dubbed as the "Christie Brinkley" of #UsGuys - we have great talks! It was so nice to hear about her new position at the IAB, shes rocking it! They are lucky to have her!
  5. Karlton and I were finally able to catch up on some great plans for the #140confMTL Real Estate Panel, which will also feature @LewisPoretz ~we missed you Lewis! But we'll see you in Montreal May 15th for the conference!
  6. Was amazing to meet Stan IRL for the first time, and he taught us all something about the Statue of Liberty we hadn't seen before! Stay tuned for a video, until then...here are some pics.
  7. Yes, that's right , Ted's on fire... Stan also got Josepf and Dan... We like to heat things up...