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The Real Toronto Storm Story : A Social Snapshot #YYZ #OnStorm

The social networks quickly become the source for news in disasters and emergency situations. Here's a selection of photos with some interesting tweets & Video. The most interesting perhaps is the first one, National Geographic tweeting a beautiful shot of Toronto ...


  1. Torontonians were probably hoping their beautiful city looked like this last night, however the true reality was much to the contrary. 
  2. Auto Tweets? Who sent that? National Geographic?  Is that a joke?

  3.  Yes. a quick reference back to the Twitter account shows us its a parody site. For that, they were certainly on top of things and perhaps looking at it today, a reminder of how beautiful Toronto is.

    Very different of how things were looking last night as captured in these popular images below.
  4. Over 90 mm of rain, Monday in Toronto

  5. Apps like Instagram and Vine made it possible for some impactful video footage.

  6. Holy shit #toronto #storm
  7. Swollen river in Toronto. #toronto #stormto #yyz #rain #streetphotography #video #vidagram #instavideo
  8. The beginning #TOflood #ONstorm
  9. Photo's helped people stay connected, and gave the rest of us a real glimpse of the caliber of the events occurring due to the rain.

    Members of the world Twitter community living in Toronto shared feelings and concerns, as others sent well wishes for safety to their Toronto friends or kept things humorous.
  10. Anyone wanna go swimming got a brand new pool in the backyard #toronto #flood
    Anyone wanna go swimming got a brand new pool in the backyard #toronto #flood
  11. Is this where you want to park your car?

  12. Although most people were probably more concerned with their safety, this tweet from a Toronto radio station reminded us of the very real financial losses that will occur as a result of the rain.