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#KredCrew Assembles in San Fransisco for Summit on Influence & #SocialGood

"23 Kred Leaders from across the globe are assembling at Kred Headquarters in San Francisco to discuss influence for social good." as announced in an email to Kred members, by Kred CEO, Andrew Grill The summit began at 2pm EST, members of the worldwide community are invited to participate on Twitter


  1. A Summit on Influence and Social Good

    Kred assembled an awesome group of influencers to participate in the discussion: how can influencers effect social good, drive change? Taking all the right steps, Kred also invited the worldwide twitter community to weigh in via the hashtag #kredcrew.

    Here's an overview as things get started, don't forget to get in on the conversation with your questions and be part of this awesome and true community event via #KredCrew.

    My take on it:

    A fantastic initiative by Kred, who outwardly involves itself in the community, this being one excellent example, making Kred and their approach notably different than some of their influence measurement competitors.

    Will Kred lead the way as the new standard of influence? They sure are doing all the right things on the service front.

    Here's the summary to now: