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@Biz Visits Montreal! #ccmmbiz

Founder of twitter visits Montreal. Wise words tweeted out on the conference hashtag as people joined to hear about some of the founding ideas that drove @Biz to create Twitter, inspiration, and the future of Social Media through his eyes. Its about humanity, creativity, empathy and determination.


  1. Twitter is not just a broadcast tool, its a tool that people can use to connect. Whether you tweet or not, simply sharing in the experience will open your mind, give you opportunities to share in community.

    Although you don't have to tweet to use twitter, I think it is worth mentioning if you follow twitter eventually you will be drawn in to communicate, share ideas, be a part of the world, and a part of positive change and positive efforts. ~ @Milaspage
  2. @Biz has a great focus on the importance of Social Good. Citing it as the future of marketing-> Philanthropy.
  3. Among some of the key ideas that were heard and my take-aways, @Biz shared his vision of the future, the future is in philanthropy. Twitter is something that enables people to share and be involved. Corporations have to be active in Corporate social responsibility. Empathy is a key to leadership - we can apply this everywhere.