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Beatles' Mini's. Two British Legends.

The members of the Beatles loved music. We know it when we listen to their records. They loved women and they loved rock 'n' roll. For a while they loved India and its spiritual heritage. Finally, they loved their Mini's.


  1. Paul and John Go For A Ride
    Paul and John Go For A Ride
  2. Harrison's psychedelic Mini...
  3. ...and Ringo's Mini.
  4. Paul always looked nice driving a car. Therefore, a two-seated Mini would have probably been the ideal for him. Check for new car deals yourselves to see how easy it is to buy one of these...
  5. And here is John on Harrison's Mini on an iconic photo.
  6. George actually restored and kept carefully his good old Mini. After his death Mini Cooper decided to honor him with the production of a unique Mini; the "Harrison Mini":
  7. George Harrison`s mini cooper
  8. One of the most precious car offers ever made, especially for a Beatles fan! Too bad there is only one out there...:( But don't be sad, just take a look on new car deals 0 finance and make your day!
  9. Harrison's wife in between the old and the new generation of "Harrison's Mini". 
  10. What a fan's creativity can do!
  11. Mini Cooper Stop Motion Video to The Beatles "Here comes the Sun"