28 Girls Inside a Mini

Well, that's a record: 28 girls squeezing themselves inside a Mini! That was a great way to celebrate Guinness World Records Day, don't you think!?

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  1. 28 girls inside a Mini Cooper... who would have thought? It was the "Guinness World Records Day" that day and the girls obviously gave their best! In case you're interested, the record of the most girls...
  2. Here is the Mini that made it to Guinness! Take a look for new car deals uk if you got inspired by both the girls and the Mini!
  3. And here is some visual documentation for the non-believers!
  4. 28 Sexy Girls Into The Car Mini "Record Guinness" London
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  6. Guinness World Records Day highlights
  7. In case you got really inspired, take a look on new car finance deals. Mind that the new MIni Paceman is out there!
  8. It's almost Christmas; so please feel free to take a ride!