Women on a Roll - The five C's of Women's Cycling

A new report has been launched into Women's Cycling in America with the aim of getting more women on two wheels - 'Women are changing the face of bicycling, and bicycling is transforming the lives of women.'

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  1. A report was launched on 6 August. A chat was then started on Twitter with members of the Advisory Board, members and Followers used #womenbike on August 9 at 2 p.m. Eastern to discuss the report.
  2. " A first-of-its-kind report from the Women Bike program, Women on a Roll compiles more than 100 original and trusted sources of data to showcase the growth and potential of female bicyclists in the United States. It also suggest five key focus areas — the 5 Cs — to increase women's ridership."
  3. Women Bike began the chat and aimed to get people involved.
  4. Girl Bike Love - a site and social networks dedicated to female riders let their followers know about the Twitter chat
  5. Five Elements were discussed, and 6 sections of the report to get feedback from the Twitter audience.
  6. Women discussed the important elements that need to be addressed to get more women on bikes
  7. The report gave people chance to talk about their concerns and address issues that women currently face.
  8. The report highlighted some interesting facts about cyclists in America