Build Your Mobile App Today to Stay Ahead this Holiday Season

With the advent of mobile technologies, the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly, and we are experiencing a mobile era.In the USA, nearly half of online shopping takes place through mobile .


  1. However, mobiles are offering some distinct advantages to the businesses with mobile identity, and those are:
  2. Advantages of Mobiles for the Businesses
    · Excellent user experiences withthe native mobile application.
    · Makes performance excellent when the app would develop by experts.
    · Multiple channels to access thebusiness like the app, website, andsocial media.
    · Awesome hardware capabilities to integrate the latest technologies.
    · Moresecure when developed carefully.
    · Instant access to the most trendy social media sites.
  3. What Is Holiday Sale?
    Some big holidays come into November &December months such as Black Friday and Christmas. During the holiday season and some traditions, people love to shop more during these months. Therefore,increase in overall sale thanks to holidays refers to Holiday Sales.
  4. In the holiday season, brick-n-mortar, as well as online businesses are receiving unprecedented high traffic, sales, and revenues. The following data provide solid evidence of it and entice businesses to lean on mobile app development. For instant,
  5. Online Sales & Growth in Holiday Sales - The total online sales on the Black Friday was increased significantly in Holiday season 2016.
    Sharesof Different Devices in Holiday Sales - Duringholiday sales 2016, mobile devices brought more traffic on ecommerce while moresales took place through desktop devices.
    Conversion Rate (%) for Different Devices in Holiday Sales - Due to convenience and security factors, desktops have secured more conversions compared to all handheld devices.
    MobileOrder (%) in Holiday Sales - From overall mobileorder values, the share of smartphones (78%) was higher compared to tablets(22%).
  6. Takeaways:
    Based on the statistics given above, the mobile application development agency like a expert developers team of SysBunny is giving some good tips to enhance the holiday sales for upcoming holiday season 2017.
  7. Push Notifications through Mobile App
    Push notifications are sure-fire ways to achieve immediate attention of shoppers during the holidayshopping.

    Gift Cards & Reward Program via Mobile App
    Gift cards are the best way to provide marketing incentives as well as a loyalty program for the holiday sales.

    Enhancement of User Experiences by Mobile App
    The mobile app is a sole way to provide excellent user experiences withmobility advantages.

    If you are scrappy to dig deeper, we invite you to read the full article on the blog post of SysBunny.
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