The Creative Digifest #SXSC3: Part 2

Storify of yesterday's (19th of November 2013) Creative Digifest #SXSC3 through the eyes of a Digichamp!


  1. Yesterday the Creative Digifest #SXSC3 took place at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton in Southampton (UK). A day full with competition pitches (Dragon's Den styled), talks and workshops surrounding one central theme: creating value with digital start-ups.

    Unfortunately, I had missed the first part of the #SXSC3 because of an overlapping class, and could therefore only arrived at 1PM. The competition was just wrapping up, with the last questions asked from the crowd and the judging panel. According to the tweets, it had been an energizing morning filled with good ideas, so everybody was anxious to see who won the competition with prizes of 7K, 4K and 2.5K, sponsored by RCUK/NEMODE.

  2. After the competition pitches, it had been time for some interesting talks from our experts. In this part, Professor Sally Jane Norman, Alan Patrick and Jeremy Caine gave their insights on start-ups, business plans, value, and many more. Since I had been blogging about the speakers before, I had a pretty good idea of what had been said. The tweets gave me the total overview. 

  3. During the lunch, in which the panel deliberated on the winner/runner-up/3rd place, you could feel the excitement growing in the crowd. Who was going to win? Who had the best idea? Who was the most innovating? Right after the lunch the answer came....
  4. Southampton Uni's own PhD student Ben Mawson was the big winner of this edition's Creative Digifest! 2nd place was for Bluepoint and 3rd place for Tony Cooke with his Waterwell project. All of the teams were rewarded with a big applause from the audience and their won prizes. 

    Then, it was already time to go to the next part of the day: The Workshops! In total 4 workshops were given in 2 sessions; meaning that everyone had to make a choice between 2 workshops every time. 
  5. I went to the workshop of Peter Webber and Alan Patrick. Although, looking at the tweets of the other workshops, the other ones seem to have been equally interesting!

    First one up: Peter Webber on financing start-ups. One of the great things of this workshop was its personal character. Since the audience was quite small, there were many opportunities to ask questions for general and personal matters, to tell everyone's plans on their futures and to ask for advice in personal situations. It turned out that most of the people in the audience were planning or were already starting up a business and were thus looking for actual advice. Peter Webber adjusted his workshop to this, by sometimes going more into some slides while skipping others. The entire presentation will be uploaded later on.