Evidence for PLN

Listed below is a combination of Tweets, blogs posts, and blog comments collected from the duration of the semester. This is not all of the work that I have done; instead, it is only a preview of how I chose to build my personal learning network this semester.


  1. For the "Connections with Others" category, I feel as though I deserve 3 points.  Throughout the semester, I have been replying to tweets that others have sent to me, reading and commenting on the blogs of other students, and retweeting things that I feel would be beneficial to other pre-service teachers. In my retweets though, I didn't add many of my own thoughts.  

    In the "Ideas Shared" category,  I feel as though I earned 4 points.  I worked hard to tweet resources and ideas dealing with physical education, a topic I am passionate about.  Many of my posts were on course content.  Also, I used my blog to share my thoughts on building multiple different areas involving education.  

    In the "Resources Shared" category, I feel as though I earned 4 points.  This was an area that I was really passionate about when building my PLN.  I used websites like Pinterest, YouTube, ect. to send resources to classmates.  These resources were sent via Twitter and in my blog posts. 

    For the "Personal Application" category, I feel as though I deserve the full 4 points.  During the course of the semester, I went from not having a Twitter or a blog to using one frequently.  I have used my PLN to gather ideas which I have incorporated into my teacher work sample for next semester.  My blog post: Establishing a Personal Learning Network is one of my best examples of how my PLN has had a positive effect on me.  

    Overall Grade: 15/16
  2. Here are a few of the blogs I have written throughout the course of the semester.  
  3. Here are the links to some of the other student's blogs that I commented on.