Scenes from #uteachweek

As part of UTeach's 20th anniversary celebrations, UTeach programs across the country invited special guests into classrooms to co-teach math and science lessons.


  1. UTeach Austin invited local news anchor Quita Culpepper to co-teach a science lesson at Kealing Middle School.
  2. Greetings from Quita Culpepper, KVUE TV anchor
  3. At Florida State University, President Thrasher co-taught a lesson on convection to middle schoolers.
  4. UABTeach at the University of Alabama-Birmingham hosted decorated Army veteran and Dancing With the Stars contestant Noah Galloway to co-teach a lesson on the effects of exercise on the body at a local high school.
  5. WVUteach at West Virginia University got its very own day! And then hosted university president Gordon Gee to co-teach a math lesson to elementary schoolers.