Comics & Medicine 2017

Access points


  1. A Wellcome Librarian's adventures in graphic medicine! Apologies for any miss quotes or missed points. There was so much to learn I did the best I could and thoroughly enjoyed doing so!
  2. To find out more about graphic medicine see the website:, partly funded by Wellcome Trust, and Graphic medicine manifesto: 
  3. Opening talks podcasts available here:
  4. Conference welcome by Mita Mahato, Associate Professor of English, University of Puget Sound, Seattle
  5. It's the multiplicity of voices that is key for me. Representing those voices in our collections is a priority.
  6. Opening query: Comics and medicine - what does the literature say? by Matthew Noe, Library Fellow/Graphic Medicine Specialist, University of Massachusetts
  7. #graphicmedicine any literature you find on the use of comics in healthcare for MN's and contribute to MN's systematic review.
  8. Social ills: graphic medicine beyond the clinic by Jared Gardner
  9. Gardner introduces narrative medicine and illness memoir through titles such as Mum's cancer by Brian Flies which is very much about the experience of the individual.
  10. And Sick by Gabby Schulz which goes beyond the individual to society. Wellness is the real zombie wandering the earth.
  11. "Binky Brown meets the Holy Virgin Mary" in Justin Green's Binky Brown sampler is considered the foundational text of graphic medicine. Published in 1972. Green has OCD but wasn't diagnosed until later in life so blamed his symptoms on his religion as a child eventually leading to a rejection of Catholicism.