Battling the Jargon: Using Plain Language in your Writing and Editing

Stacy Brooks—a former colleague, current client and longtime pal who is now communications manager at the American Physiological Society—and I teamed up on June 27, 2017, to present a session on plain language and editing trends at the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting.


  1. You can view our session slides at
  2. Sometimes you have to laugh and embrace your word nerdiness, even if not everyone does. Case in point:
  3. We started off by asking audience members to discuss the jargony words their associations use and their jargon pet peeves.
  4. Stacy explained plain language and how most of us write above appropriate reading grade levels.
  5. Some great tips from Stacy.
  6. I may have to make this quote into a button.
  7. Aw, this guy, @wrylyreilly, is my new BFF. Anyway, I pointed out how you can edit to eliminate jargon, including printing out articles, reading aloud and making note of your (or your writers') trouble spots.
  8. I also discussed editing trends and Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style changes that were presented this at this year's American Copy Editors Society conference, which I attend each spring.
  9. I pointed out the leap forward with "singular they" in this year's updates to the Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style. You can learn more here: .
  10. Thanks, Paul!