AM&P 2017 Sessions on Design and Diversity

One of my favorite events of the year came and went in no time: the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, June 27–28, 2017. Killer ideas, tips and refreshers, as usual. Here is just a sampling.


  1. AM&P created an alumni pub track this year, which brought alumni publication staff to share their best practices. Alumni pubs have many of the same benefits and challenges as membership association publications, so I thought this was a great fit.

    First up, S. Katherine (Kat) Braz, with Purdue Alumnus magazine (yay for Indiana!), whose presentation was easily my favorite, even though I'm not a designer. She was entertaining and had great lessons for editors and designers about art direction on a budget.
  2. The team from American University's alumni magazine gave a great presentation on creating anchor pages (more than just a department page). Here are some 14 lessons learned:
  3. Many associations have low levels of diversity—often an older, mostly-white membership. What can editorial teams do to acknowledge and improve diversity in their content? This panel session tackled the subject.