AM&P 2014 Pre-Conference: Increase the Power of Social Media

I had the pleasure of presenting with three other women this year's Association Media & Publishing Pre-Conference: "Turn it Up: Increase the Power of Social Media." The other three speakers were @LindyDreyer, Lynn Valastyan from @SLAS_Org and @ant922 (Antoinette Tuscano from Rotary Int.)


  1. We started by seeing where the group was, with live polling. This was not social media 101. This was about taking your social media strategy to the next level. 
  2. Lindy Dreyer, digital strategist, social practice, at ICF International, began by setting the scene and asking the 30 attendees what they were struggling with in regard to developing a strategy and what they wanted to learn during our four-hour session. 
  3. I started off the content section by giving a list of 9 ways you could develop new content. Then, the group brainstormed ideas for the #10 spot. 
  4. Antoinette Tuscano, senior supervisor, RI communications, at Rotary International then talked about several ways you could repurpose your content.