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Neuroscience Shows How Meditation Can End Suffering

Suffering, or dukkha, is the first of the Fourth Noble Truths taught by the Buddha, and one of the prescribed paths to the cessation of suffering is right mindfulness. Mindfulness as a meditation practice has become popular in the West, and neuroscientists have been researching for the physiological correlates of the experiences reported by practitioners.


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  2. One of the most exciting discoveries in neuroscience is how meditation creates physical changes in the brain, changes that provide clinical evidence of how this practice can help alleviate suffering. Click the link to watch video below.
  3. Finding the cause of suffering and how to end it is of course not just confined to Buddhism but rather a common objective among religious and spiritual practices. What is the cause of suffering? If the Buddha was right that desire conditioned by ignorance is the origin of suffering, where does this ignorance come from? Advaita teacher Rupert Spira perhaps might shed some light on this. He also offers a method of self-inquiry that can help in identifying and, perhaps, removing the source of ignorance.
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