Medieval Materialism at the Zoo Day 2

Quantum, Collectives, and Foreign Forays


  1. #s216 Quantum Medievalisms (A Roundtable)
    Organized for postmedieval by A.R. Bennett Segler (yours truly)
  2. Karl Steel was unable to join us at Kalamazoo, so I took the liberty of summarizing his paper in a most ungenerous way, since he wasn't there to defend himself:

    "Wet blanket, wet blanket, wet blanket...Quantum physics is physics, but it's not useful on a human scale, and probably not useful for the study of literature."

    We then proceeded to attempt to prove Karl wrong. Whether we succeeded or not, you'll have to be the judge--from the post, from the Twitter-verse, and from the special issue of postmedieval on "Quantum Medievalisms" in Vol. 4 of 2017.
  3. Tara Mendola was up first with "Schroedinger's Woman"
  4. Unfortunately, there are NO TWEETS(!) from @tsmendola 's excellent paper on the unknowable simultaneously known female body in Fabliaux. Partly because she was using my phone to prop up her ipad (from which she was reading).
  5. Christopher Roman "Bedetimematter"
  6. James Ensley "The Piers Plowman Uncertainty Principle"