Media Impact Focus: Assessing the Impact of Media

What's New and What's Next?


  1. This Media Impact Focus was an opportunity for journalists, filmmakers, funders and analysts to take a day-long deep dive into the latest techniques for evaluating the outcomes of public interest media. Co-sponsored by The Paley Center for Media, the day had two major tracks — film and entertainment, and journalism. We also announced our new website and the release of a new report by the Foundation Center, Growth in Foundation Support for Media in the United States. Highlights from the report were presented by Seema Shah of the Foundation Center. Watch the livestream archive.
  2. Pat Mitchell, President of The Paley Center for Media welcomed attendees and reminded us about the powerful impact of media, and the role that media plays in shaping public opinion. She showed a clip from Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Most other networks refused to air it, but CBS did, and that one film ignited a movement.
  3. Chad Boettcher of Participant Media added the California vibe, and shared the groundbreaking Participant Index tool with us, revealing how Participant Media tracks and assesses impact. First, even movies like Magic Mike impact people. Second, not everyone takes any action or reports any behavioral change after experiencing media. But many do, and those people make big impacts in their personal lives (behavior change) and in policy (rule change).
  4. Pat Mitchell then interviewed renowned journalist and author Charles Lewis about measuring the impact of journalism.
  5. Pat Mitchell and Charles Lewis interview
    Pat Mitchell and Charles Lewis interview