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Building the Case for Interactive Impact

In late October, Media Impact Funders joined TFI and MIT's OpenDocLab in organizing a daylong event to explore ways to trace the impact of interactive documentaries. The day brought makers, analysts and funders together to share lessons and prototype solutions.


  1. The event, held at NYC's Centre for Social Innovation, drew from a series of field-building convenings and calls supported by The Fledgling Fund.
  2. Ingrid Kopp (TFI), Sean Flynn (MIT OpenDocLab) and Jessica Clark (MIF) set the stage with definitions, highlights from previous discussions, and a roundup of impact research. Learn more:
  3. Participants split into groups to learn about and report back on the impact goals/outcomes for six inventive productions: Fort McMoney, Hollow, Priya’s Shakti, Question Bridge, Sandy Storyline, and
    The Enemy. These projects vary widely—from an interactive documentary game, to an augmented-reality comic book, to a participatory social media documentary on a region in recovery and beyond—demonstrating different engagement styles and the complexities of tracking cross-platform impact.