WOLCon 2017

Roughly 200 people met on December 5th, 2017, in Renningen for the 3rd Working Out Loud Conference. For the first time, we also had external guests from Audi (@petra_muc), Daimler (@lukizzl) and Siemens (@netzabine) - and of course John Stepper (@johnstepper) was also there!


  1. We started with an insight into how WOL works in other companies.

  2. After a quick introduction round with all participants in less than 20 minutes, the first round of Barcamp sessions started.

  3. Another first time: For the first time, Christoph Kübel (Bosch HR director) as sponsor of WOL @ Bosch attended WOLCon and was answering questions in a panel discussion together with Dennis Böcker (@boecker_dennis, Bosch), Petra Hock (@petra_muc, Audi), Sabine Kluge (@netzabine, Siemens) and Lukas Fütterer (@lukizzl, Daimler).