Observer of how democracy malfunctions and self-corrects. ACA implementation watcher. CSR czar. AKA Andrew Sprung

David Carter

International senior manager with 15 years extensive experience throughout the Middle East I automatically BLOCK abuse. Routinely block Zionist pro-Israelis.

Sabina England

Filmmaker, Playwright, ASL Poet, Performance Artist. 100% Indian, Proud Bihari & Profoundly Deaf! #deaftalent #bihari #womenartists #womenfilmmakers

Eli Gerzon

I do social media consulting for social justice. The climate crisis connects us all. Another rather queer Jew for Palestine. #BDS #BlackLivesMatter #mapoli

suzan Haidamous

reporter with washington post & freelance translator & fixer. Mom of naughty son whom I love more than life. My tweets are strictly my own

Edward Costa Bryan

I'm studying Political Science at the University of Alberta.

Syed Zeeshan Zaidi

Sanaz Raji

independent scholar & activist interested in race, gender, sexuality, migrant and student rights issues. #NoOneIsIllegal #Justice4Sanaz #SanazMustStay

Elisabeth Niman

Rodney Taylor


Enchantingly Grumpy, Sometimes Funny, Correct-Me-If-I'm-Wrong, Left-Leaning Opinionista #Hillary2016


human, probably.

Mr Branson

Mobile Business Video Directory. Local + Global + Maps. Top 50 GEW 2013. Showcasing talent, brands & businesses daily. #multichannel #YHWH #infoguru #ADS #1

Crystal Cee-Gee!

Ruby on Rails developer. 1/4 T-rex, on my mom's side. Always a journalist. RTs are sound financial advice. Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí.

lazy reader, failed writer, music hoarder, professional dilettante, abstractor of quintessence