Thom Powers

Film curator: @DocClub @STFdocs @TIFF_Net @DOCNYCfest @MiamiFilmFest. Teacher: @socdoc. Made in Detroit.

Sarah Harvard

I am a journalist. Intern now. I've been published places. To my parents disappointment, I'm not a doctor. Opinions are mine. No one elses.

Ruairi Henchy

Ah I'd rather not say

Alex Devoid

Journalism and Latin American Studies Masters Student at the U of Ariz. Young Adult United Methodist Missionary Alumnus

Digital Media Old Timer. Worked with Bloomberg, Microsoft, UK Health Department and developed and monetized my own Travel Sites.

Cesar Rodriguez

I'm selling thought for food.

judge genocide

Out to put the beasty war criminals of genocide bk in there place fucking wrong yins If only world powers had the baws to do something about it. Peace officer

Kelly Nielsen

i am a very civil doctoral candidate in sociology at UCSD.

朱莉雅 Giulia G

#ChinaWatcher , also passionate about a bunch of other things. Follow me to find out.

Nafeez Ahmed

Investigative journo/scholar on global security. System shifter @VICE's Motherboard. Columnist @MiddleEastEye. Creating INSURGE INTEL

Princess of Wands

Left of center gamer, female pronouns, plays games on twitch occasionally. Whines about prison industrial complex. Been on a DC comics kick.

Injun Joe

Just an alien through and through. Trying to make believe I'm you.


Existent. Intellection. Occasional stupidity.

Jesse Benn

Engaged citizen. Writer. Media enthusiast/critic. Creative. Grad student. Curmudgeon. Occasional journalist. Athiest-MOT. Child of punk rock and hip hop.

Wayne Harris

A place to ventilate.