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Rabaa massacre - Egyptian coup supporters blame the victim

A general overview of pro-coup liberals spinning, excusing, justifying, and denying the massacre of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Rabaa by security forces on July 27 following Gen. al-Sisi's call for "the mandate and order that I confront violence and potential terrorism." At least 82 dead.


  1. Sandmonkey: "To be clear, whatever happens, I will never be upset by anything that happens to the MB.. #never #totally_completely #godbless"
  2. Sandmonkey: "Are the people saying that they will finish us off after they finish the MB dumb or just in the mood of putting themselves in the same box with the MB?"
  3. The killings in Rabaa are underway. And so are coup supporters' attempts to justify it or paint it as a propaganda ploy by the Muslim Brotherhood...
  4. Coup backers spin away...