2012: Iowa motorcycle crashes

Through September, there have been 49 motorcyclist (operator/passenger) fatalities in Iowa, associated with 47 crashes. These are their stories and those of others seriously injured. In 2011, there were 35 motorcyclist fatalities; 30 of the individuals who died were not wearing a helmet.

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  1. March 6, 2012 - Andrew Jacobsen, 18, of Goose Lake, lost control of his motorcycle, which crossed the center line and struck a pickup in Clinton County. 
  2. March 13, 2012 - Matthew Risor, 22, of Sioux City, died after the motorcycle he was driving rear-ended an SUV stopped to make a left turn. The crash occurred near Le Mars. Risor was not wearing a helmet. 
  3. March 17, 2012 -  Charles Eugene Ganoe, 54, of rural Central City, died Saturday, March 17, as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash that occurred while eluding police at a high rate of speed. The crash occurred in Linn County on March 16. He was not wearing a helmet. 
  4. March 17, 2012 - 27-year-old Courtney Jenkins, of Cedar Rapids, and his passenger, 32-year-old Christine Shroyer, of North Liberty, died after the motorcycle they were riding hit a speed bump on a bridge, then a curb before striking a large concrete flower pot. The crash occurred in Cedar Rapids. Neither were wearing a helmet. 
  5. March 23, 2012 - Jonathan Allen Hintz, 28, of Coralville died in a motorcycle crash on U.S. 6 in Iowa City. He was wearing a helmet.
  6. March 24, 2012 - Matthew L. Dunkel, 40, of Marion, died after his motorcycle was struck by an SUV. The passenger on the motorcycle, Tami M. Mysak, 51, of Springville, suffered serious head and internal injuries. 
  7. April 1, 2012 - Dustin Whitaker, 27, of Hamilton, Ill., died as a result of crash in which he lost control of his motorcycle. He was not wearing a helmet. The crash occurred on U.S. 136 (Keokuk-Hamilton bridge) in Keokuk.
  8. April 23, 2012 -  Chad Mayberry, 38, of Crescent, was seriously injured in truck-motorcycle crash near McClelland in Pottawattamie County. Mayberry was operating at excessive speed when he overtopped a hill and crashed into the truck. 
  9. April 25, 2012 - Charles McFadden Jr., 61, of Des Moines, died after loosing control of his motorcycle on U.S. 69 south of Indianola. 
  10. May 5, 2012 - Bradley Paul Stephen, 42, of Monticello, died after his motorcycle rolled several times into a ditch on County Road D-61 near Bernard. He was not wearing a helmet. 
  11. May 5, 2012- Two motorcycle riders (driver Ronald D. Rozeman, 57, of DeKalb, Ill, and his passenger, Lynn Rozema, 55) were killed in a head-on crash with a pickup that crossed the center line on Iowa 92 near West Chester. Neither was wearing a helmet.