Controversial Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro dead at 90

The leader of Cuba's communist revolution and former president of the island nation for around five decades has died. Fidel Castro has been in poor health since he was diagnosed with an intestinal ailment in 2006. Castro's younger brother Raul, who obtained the presidency from Fidel after he stepped down in 2008, announced Castro's passing on Cuban state television. Castro –who successfully avoided some 634 assassination plots on his life, including a devilishly clever attempt the CIA made using an explosive cigar – died on Friday. No cause of death or other details have been given.

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  1. Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader of revolution, dies at 90 - BBC News
  2. Fidel Castro dead at 90
  3. The world's reactions to the news of Castro's death are a mix of grief or joy. Castro was viewed as a national hero and saviour to some and a ruthless dictator and controlling tyrant to others. In Cuba, students waved flags and chanted Castro's name in mourning. On the other hand, exiles from Castro's Cuba in Miami celebrated the death of a man they feared and loathed.
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  5. Castro's death is a Cuba Libre to some🍹#fidel
    Castro's death is a Cuba Libre to some🍹#fidel
  6. World leaders and politicians expressed their views on Fidel Castro passing. The views were varied with some praising the Cold War icon as a legend and others condemning the man as a tyrant. Regardless of their stance on Castro, backlash and criticism from the public has spurred on from the responses of figures like President elect Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
  7. Many people were upset with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his remarks on Castro which many thought were too kind.