1. Soon we will be able to have text message conversations with our washing machines thanks to the folks at LG.
  2. A connected toothbrush has caused a stir. Although surely there will be a more news-worthy product to emerge?
  3. Sen.se is showcasing a 'digital mother' in the shape of a Russian doll at CES, which can nag you about the amount of espressos you drink, whether your front door is open or how long you brush your teeth
  4. Deja vu strikes
  5. Mobile technology and cars continue to collide
  6. Is CES still the leading technology event or is it being eclipsed, questions mobile analyst Benedict Evans?
  7. CES mania isn't for everyone
  8. People are already complaining about people complaining about CES
  9. Will we see the next big thing at CES? Even if we don't there are sure to be some interesting technology innovations to keep everyone on their toes