Recovering the Past and Innovating the Future

On Wednesday, August 6th, MassChallenge and Autodesk teamed up to tell the world about Reality Computing - processes in which the physical world connects with the digital world and vice versa. Reality Computing unlocks untold potential in future innovations. See for yourself!

  1. In the afternoon, the legendary 3DRV showed up at our offices in the Innovation and Design Building -- a teaser for the night to come. 
  2. A large crowd of Reality Computing enthusiasts attended the event: 
  3. We even got to see the galactic unveiling of the delicious Reality Computing Cocktail! 
  4. With the tone and inspiration set by the cocktail, the presentations began in earnest: 
  5. Recovering lost artifacts and exploring new ones without disturbing the original? Sounds good to us! These are just some of many things capable with the power of reality computing. 
  6. A MassChallenge finalist, Mebotics, even got a chance to talk about what they're doing with Reality Computing! 
  7. After the presentations, Memories in an Instant gave everyone the opportunity to hang out with the 3DRV! 
  8. Thanks so much to Autodesk, Rick Rundell, TJ McCue, and everyone involved for an awesome event! Here's to the future! 
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