Google Developers Group GTUGsf After-I/O Hackathon

What happens when Mashery opens its doors to host #iohack 2012, the @GTUGsf After Google I/O hackathon? 90 developers, 13 hack teams, 6 Codelabs presenters showed up to create a little bit of magic over the weekend.


  1. #iohack's robust agenda for the weekend started off with the #ioPitch event at Google SF offices, where participants could discuss ideas and form teams for the weekend #iohack hackathon.

    Thursday - Pitch Night

    [7:00p - 10p] -  #ioPitch  at Google SF
    A Night Out with Google+
  2. Pitch Night at Google! Powered by Startup Weekend and Google Developer Groups
  3. The #iohack hackathon kicked off when Mashery officially opened its doors on Saturday at 8am, then kicked off with team formation pitches and demos from the API partner sponsors: Twilio, TokBox, SendGrid, Rovi, AllJoyn by Qualcomm, and Mashery. First 75 developers in the door walked away with Atlassian Bitbucket shirts.

  4. Saturday - Hackday 1

    [8am - Midnight] - Meets at Mashery SF
    [8:00a - 9:00a] - Registration / Breakfast & Coffee!
    [9:00a - 10:30a] - Hacking! Final Team Formation! API demos!
  5. Once the teams formed, hacking began in earnest.

    Saturday - Hackday 1
    [9:00a - 12:00a] - Hacking!

  6. In parallel to the hackathon, GTUGSF also pulled together seven Code Labs that were presented throughout the weekend. Code Labs speakers included Neil Mansilla from Mashery, Abraham Williams from Addvocate, Oswald Compesato from iQuarkt, Ahmed Siddiqui from startup weekend, Jonathan Smiley from Foundation and Elad Anbar from RobotsAppsStore. 

    Saturday - Hackday 1 - Sunday - Hackday 2
    [11a - 5p] - 3 Code Labs (HTML5, Google+, API Tools, CSS, Robot hacks)