#MarymountHC Photo Challenge

This September get inspired as we lead up to Homecoming and Reunion! Post a photo related to each day's prompt on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #MarymountHC and we will compile your photos here! You can find the daily prompts here: ....... and daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Drum roll please... After much deliberation we are prepared to announce the #MarymountHC 2013 Photo Challenge Winners! Thank you for all who participated. To see the photos from the challenge click here:  http://storify.com/MarymountAlumni/marymounthc-photo-challenge 
  2. The winning cart of the #MarymountHC Homecoming Parade! @marymountace !! Got to love @marymountu ! #schoolspirit
  3. What a beautiful day! Went to mass and then to brunch. It's a small world. Sister recognized my friend Ellen from HS is NY! And they actually lived on the same street (not at the same time). My friend Sherrie recognized the name in the program for whom the alumni mass was dedicated to, as the young lady who had shown her around during her campus visit. My friend Monique got a kick out of looking through the yearbook. I could feel the love. Coming home again. Looking forward to next year! Thank you for all the hard work in making this a great time for everyone You rock!
  4. Congrats! You made it through September all the way to Homecoming and Reunion with our #marymounthc photo challenge. Today is the last day of celebrations and last day of our challenge- share with us a photo inspired by today's prompt: I MU
  5. A Career Services student employee reunion! #MarymountHC
  6. Words can't express how nice it was to once again visit my alma matter and see sooo many people I hadn't seen in soooo long! #marymounthc was amazing! #marymounthc #marymount #mu #muyoungalum #alumni #yay #2012 #commonground
  7. Say hello to your wonderful MU Homecoming and Reunion Volunteer Coordinators! #MarymountHC #MU #MUYoungAlum #Alumni #Homecoming #Homecomingandreunion #yay #2011 #2012
  8. The @marymountsaints homecoming parade and BBQ celebration. Love seeing the Saints baseball team with #gosaints pride. #marymounthc