1. On 20 February 2015, the Italian Government adopted the draft on the first annual competition law bill, the DDL Concorrenza. To enter into force the bill has to be adopted by both chambers of the Parliament. The DDL receives only a timid welcome. Immediately commentators said that is was not ambitious enough. The bill contains 33 articles (allegedly) aiming to stimulate competition in insurance, retirement funds, energy, financial services, TCM, postal services, transports, pharmaceutical sectors and introducing new rules for the legal profession, notaries and engineers.
  2. Let the saga begin!

  3. Capo I FINALITÀ Articolo 1.

    La disposizione ricollega i princìpi ispiratori del disegno di legge alla norma istitutiva della legge annuale sulla concorrenza (articolo 47 della legge 23 luglio 2009, n. 99). Trattasi di norma di carattere puramente ordinamentale che, di conseguenza, non comporta oneri per la finanza pubblica.

  4. Liberalizzazioni, si può fare meglio
  5. On 14 April 2015, Committees in the Lower Chamber finally start discussion on the Government's proposal.
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