Rape Culture on HBCU Campuses: The Issue of Consent

During a study taken in Fall 2008, 9.6% of women on HBCU campuses reported that they have been sexually assaulted. In most cases, the rape victim is acquainted with the rapist. 6.2% of women report being incapacitated during the rape, whie 4.8% report their sexual assault being physically forced. Common excuses given by the rapist are "The way she was dressed she was asking for it" "She was drunk and she said yes" or "I thought by saying no she was playing hard-to-get and actually meant yes." These excuses, however, are in no way shape or form an actual excuse for giving a woman unwanted sexual attention, especially if she is inebriated and has impaired judgement. At the end of the day, it is the woman's choice whether she wants to have sex, and if she isn't in the right mind to make clear conscious decisions or if she says no, then the sex cannot happen. In order to approach this problem, awareness about rape culture needs to be spread throughout HBCUs by having rallies, speeches, and campus-wide events that work towards creating better men who won't rape our females.


  1. This image upholds the fact that without consent sex is considered rape. Men need to keep this in mind when they contemplate sexual relations with a female.
  2. This article discusses an unfortunate turn of events for four Morehouse athletes who were sent to jail after it was discovered that they raped two Spelman students. The aim for spreading awareness about this case is to discourage men from committing rape.
  3. To ensure that females know exactly what classifies as rape, they should be taught the information in this article. This information will help females understand exactly what happened to them if the were sexually abused.
  4. This storify article includes a very moving video of a speech given during Denim Day at Spelman College. On this day men and women wore denim jeans and fought to end sexual violence against women.
  5. This is a powerful image because it describes the setting that most rape cases happen in. The environment may be fun and flirtatious, but at the end of the day NO MEANS NO.
  6. This image is incredibly powerful because if she didn't have the words "Still not asking for it" written on herself, a man would say that her being naked is justification for raping her. Not saying this is what students across HBCU campuses should mimic, however this can be transformed into shirts worn at a rally to stop sexual assaults.
  7. Status does not give any individual the right to sexually abuse another person. The rape allegations made against Bill Cosby are a perfect example.
  8. The president of Lincoln University sent the completely wrong message by claiming it's the females fault for being raped. No matter how the woman acts, the man is always wrong for raping a woman.
  9. Men need to be educated not to rape women. This phenomenon would stop if rape is considered morally wrong within a male.
  10. Women can't be afraid to inform the police after they've been sexually assaulted. In order to ensure they have a better future, a rape victim must tell someone their situation.