Should We Retest All Drivers?

Could you pass your driver license test today?


  1. John Simmons, an Experienced Driver

  2. John Simmons, 45, got his driver’s license almost 30 years ago. As he remembers it, he passed the written knowledge exam and the road test without any remarks. Since then, he has never been asked to retake any of the tests.
  3. “My knowledge about road signs and rules of the road is probably just as good as the average American,” he says. “I have never been involved in any real accident, just a small fender-bender some years back. I never drive after I have been drinking, and I try to drive friendly and be courteous on the road.”
  4. Could He Pass His Test Today?

  5. We wanted to know if his driver knowledge was as good as he said, so we exposed John to a real exam with 30 questions.
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