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You have a good job when...

We asked Marketplace listeners to fill in the blank: You know you have a good job when...


  1. You don't have anxiety attacks on the 14th and the 30th of the month
  2. Savings and leisure spending don't affect your daily life
  3. You never look at your checking account
  4. You can go to the dentist!
  5. You make more than $26,364 per year (the US median per capita personal income in 2011).
  6. When you can make facebook posts, during business hours.
  7. You get excited when someone asks you what you do, and a little sad when you realize the workday is almost over.
  8. Your income exceeds your basic living expenses by more than 10%... and... it provides health insurance and maybe a 401K
  9. When you have more days off than a banker, and more pay than a wall street banker.
  10. You have health insurance. That has a premium that doesn't destroy the dream of getting a savings account.
  11. There is more paycheck than month!
  12. When you get paid enough to buy socks and underwear without saving up for them for a month.
  13. you realize you haven't updated your resume in years.
  14. Sunday at 7pm, you're happy and calm.
  15. From the financial point of view: When you have a savings account and you are able to deposit something every month! when you decide to start a family; when you have benefits and don't worry about getting sick (to go to the doctor and take days off if needed); when your 6 weeks or maternity leave are PAID!
  16. You know you have a good job when "you only need one!"