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What's the worst thing about flying today?

A report on airline quality released today says Virgin America is the best-performing carrier in the U.S. But flying isn't always fun. Here are some of your worst stories...


  1. Carry-on luggage. Practically nobody has a carry on that fits wheels first in the overhead bin, so there's always a fight for space. Checked bags aren't much better though as it can take 45 minutes before the bags start to hit the conveyor in less organized airports (MIA, for example).
  2. Sadly, the passengers. unfortunately there aren't etiquette lessons concerning: what one may carry on, the critical need to choose another time to teach your child to self-soothe, travel personal hygiene standards, hustling when de-planing or waiting for others if unwilling to hustle, de minimis cologne usage, the sanctity of the first class restroom, and how to be pleasant to cabin crew.
  3. Flying is usually the worst portion of the process of traveling for me. Although it's the fastest method of getting from point A to point B, the entire process of flying is one that carries the promise of comfort to all passengers--but only affords it to those that pay the most for the flight. For the rest of us commoners, we're left with seats that are too small, security that is sort of a pain, and the general feeling of being herded along like cattle. This aspect of flying (in my opinon) is what puts passengers in a poor mood, and leads them into the bad behaviors that many others have expressed here. All this, and it's just getting more and more expensive... *sigh*.
  4. Very few non-stop options anymore. Connections are like Roulette - you might make your next flight, especially if you're flying a notoriously late carrier. And most airports don't take advantage of people waiting. Why not more shops, restaurants, and even on-demand movies offered by airports? Detroit and Atlanta have it right. They have tons of things to do, buy, or eat while you're waiting, plus wifi for added productivity!
  5. Well, the guy next me me on my flight on Saturday was so large that I couldn't put down my seat tray without it resting on him. Needless to say, that was an incredibly uncomfortable flight (especially for me).
  6. Kids fly free, except for $400 in fees and taxes.
  7. The worst part is sitting next to someone with horrible body oder.
  8. TsA = Theater of the Absurd
  9. The people in general. It's too cheap and egalitarian now, Greyhound in the air.
  10. Ticket prices-totally unaffordable for someone like me
  11. Constant terrorist attacks.
  12. Just booked out summer trip with Virgin. It will be our 1st time.
  13. Getting a hand shoved against your grundle by TSA
  14. Babies that cry the entire time!
  15. Remembering how it used to be. United has the most complaints because they have the most Continental Airline customers.
  16. @Leo: If you don't like flying with an average person, don't fly. Talk about arrogance!
  17. Having my pants fall down in the airport security line because I had to take my belt off. I was wearing it for a reason!
  18. That is like asking .. do you prefer lung cancer or brain cancer .. the only good thing is when it is over... I have been flying for over 40 years .. I remember getting "dressed" .. getting out of the cab .. checking luggage ... going to the gate and right onto the plane .. seats were comfortable .. magazines not movies .. simple food and drink were offered to keep you seated .. the staff were not over stressed or over worked ..
  19. Having a flight cancelled when you finally get a vacation and then having to spend a vacation day sitting in an airport. And the TSA.And the price.And the tiny seats, though I am short and not significantly overweight, so it could be worse.