What does your alma mater smell like?

Notre Dame University says it's releasing its own perfume. So what’s the essence of your own alma mater? If you had to make a scent representing your college, based off the smells around campus, what would it be made of?

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  1. Lewis & Clark College: Gortex raincoat, slightly damp flannel, bike grease, and pot smoke.
  2. University at Buffalo: Wings, wings, beer, and wings! Maybe toss in a dash of scent from Mighty Taco and the ever-popular UB Oozefest too.
  3. Cornell: ice and snow + the scent of student despair
  4. Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey) - Goose turds, cheap beer, Ivy League aspirations.
  5. USC: daddy's money, bro vomit, and Bentley exhaust
  6. UNC: Charles Kuralt, pulled pork and parking tickets.
  7. American University: grey suit and the smell of leather from your new shoes for your internship.