What's your financial New Year's resolution?

Saving more? Not buying your daily latte? Let us know what your money-themed resolutions are.

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  1. Our host, Sarah Gardner, says her New Year's resolution is to stop buying medium lattes on the way to work. Add it up: it's almost $1,000 a year. What are your financial New Year's resolutions -- big or small?
  2. I resolve to spend less and save more. I've already set specific saving and investment goals that I hope to achieve within 5 years, barring a financial disaster like the one in 2008.
  3. Sarah could get a little battery operated milk frother and stove-top espresso maker. That's what I use. The combo is about $50 (minus milk and coffee, of course). Plus, she could impress her friends with her latter making skills!
  4. I will buy no books music or movie and just read listen and watch what I have on the shelf.
  5. Stop buying shoes. Oh wait. Too late. Seriously though, unsubscibe from all the flash sale sites to remove temptation and/ or impulse purchases.
  6. Save more money, bring lunch with me to work more often so I won't eat out as much, and pay off a good chunk of student loan and cc debt!
  7. To travel locally on short jaunts instead of doing bug trips. Save money AND vacation time. And I live in Seattle, for God's sake. PLENTY of beautiful places to go around here.
  8. Grab a tap water at least half of the time I was going for a soda.
  9. I'm paying for more things with cash. When I go grocery shopping, I take $300 out of the ATM. Whatever I have left, I put in an envelope. I am also saving $100/month for Christmas shopping.
  10. Pay off the home equity credit line. Make substancial progress on saving up for buying a new car with cash. Build on the progress I made in 2012.
  11. Trying to set up a budget to better manage my finances!
  12. let you know when I have a job.
  13. Get out of debt. Rebuild my dream. Discover new ways to turn my skills to income.
  14. spend less time on Facebook...dang broke it already!
  15. Did she bump up to venti or just get others to buy them for her?
  16. Stop buying breakfast on the way to work. $3 - $5 three or for days a week really adds up!