The Dow hits a record high -- how does this affect you?

The Dow surged above 14,200 today, but does that change the way people feel about the economy? We asked what this means to you -- if anything at all.

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  1. Nope. Still don't have a job. OTOH, it's good for my paltry little IRA.
  2. It does for me. I have made quite substantial gains for this year already. While it may be a jobless recovery, this is still a good thing. Hopefully, it will add some jobs, especially in my state of Rhode Island. Would you rather it be down? By the way, I am an enlisted member of the Army, so this "only the rich make money" is completely false.
  3. No, nothing changes for me...
  4. The economy is fulled recovered. Celebrate.
  5. Everyone except the corporate executives and the media knows that this is a jobless recovery. No one except the corporate executives and shareholders is benefiting.
  6. Yes, it shows that the only people who are winning are the investor class.
  7. No. The stock market does not dictate how the rest of the country is doing economically. Talk to the many still unemployed. Heck, talk to Robert Reich, he'll tell you!
  8. Consumer confidence, consumer confidence… the elephant in the room is that we're talking about the confidence of consumers who are, on average, spending money they can't afford to spend. It's an unsustainable form of growth driven by household debt.
  9. No. I will make less in 2013 than I did in 2012 and I made less in 2012 than I did in 2011. Republican, Democrat, whatever - lower middle class/working class will continue to get screwed.
  10. Everyone keeps saying the rich are getting richer apparently not remembering that everyone from pension funds through city governments have skin in this game...
  11. The sky is falling! the sky is falling!
  12. No. More and more restaurants and retails going out of business in NYC. I don't see the dividends being poured on Main Street.
  13. It just makes me feel like corporations are getting richer while I'm still working only part time after getting laid off nearly three years ago. (I have had two part-time jobs at times, but not just one job.)
  14. the rich have gotten richer
  15. The Dow is only 30 stocks and daily market movements can (and are) manipulated by those with enough stakes and making a play. I still follow them, but S&P 500 should be used as "the market" indicator instead. Also "analysis" doesn't need to be daily, but weekly makes sense - unless significant news day.
  16. Same thing we've been seeing for years: government has set up such impediments to real growth that investors seek to hold their money in the markets instead of making investment in new businesses. The stock market is currently a counterindicator, going up because of a SLOW economy.
  17. Quantitative easing means we are printing money, undermining the value of each dollar. Anyone who wants any kind of return must move out of fixed return equities which artificially boosts stock prices.
  18. The government can't pay its bills, and unemployment is high, but the Dow is up. Someone is making money but it sure as hell isn't trickling down. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Seriously.