#RoyalBaby Goes Corporate

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  1. It’s a royal rule: new moms need protein in the morning. ‪#‎RoyalBaby‬
  2. We want that baby born, baby born, baby born... Do you think the baby will be a Prince or a Princess? pic.twitter.com/4gxwUHUslD
  3. This summer, a precious little bundle of sweetness was born. And Will and Kate also had their baby. pic.twitter.com/uNeClpBbWF
  4. Introducing our very own royal #bundleofjoy: free side or dessert to any medium or large pizza through 7/25. Code: ROYALOFFER
  5. If Prince William and Kate visit CA, they need to make sure their new arrival, the future King, is properly secured in a child safety seat.
  6. Get the throne ready! There's a new cub in the Royal family. #RoyalBaby pic.twitter.com/zXQMm7LHkl
  7. It's a boy! Welcome, Prince of Cambridge. We can’t wait to show you the world. #RoyalBaby pic.twitter.com/yHuzCIMYD2