#fieldfotos: United Farm Workers take on Social Media

In preparation for today's Senate vote on the immigration reform bill, the UFW has called on Facebook and the Twitterverse to post photos from the fields.

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  1. Yep thats me! #FieldFotos "Con la union de Campesinos" I support farm workers! IN SOLIDARITY with 11…  http://instagram.com/p/a_wfX1AfeP/ AfeP/
  2. Campesinas en Sunnyside, WA. Produciendo el ...
  3. As part of the campaigns, supporter and workers held signs that read "With the United Farm Workers We Will Have Documents."
  4. Roman Pinal's Photos | Facebook
  5. Photos of UFW | Facebook
  6. Roman Pinal's Photos | Facebook
  7. Elected officials joined in via Twitter.
  8. A lead-up to the campaign and where it all started.