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How much should an e-book cost?

Today, a federal judge ruled that Apple broke anti-trust laws by conspiring with book publishers to raise the price of e-books. E-books generally cost $13-$15. Is that too much? How much should an e-book cost?


  1. Enough for the author to make a healthy ROI.
  2. I would never consider buying an electronic book for even near the price of a physical book. It is far too easy to lose the electronic copy or be denied access to an electronic book.
  3. As a published author, I have to say that's a ridiculous question. That said, a traditionally published author only gets 10-15% of the cover price, so it's publishers who have more to lose than authors. Fiction writers who can sell high volumes might want to sell more at a low price. Non-fiction writers who have to do a lot of research and have a narrower audience might want to charge more. Not all books are the same, either, in this pricing comparison.
  4. The problem with e-books is that they aren't always compatible with every device. What you buy on your ipad, you can't read on your nook, or your kindle. because of this, I think e-books should be significantly cheaper than their paper counterparts. Until you can read your book on every and any device, and back them up on your computer, they should be less than $5.
  5. As a writer my answer is $20. As a reader, $10