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Dad's money advice

We asked you to share some of the money advice your father left you.


  1. He told me, when I began my first job, to put the max into savings each month (401K, emergency, etc), long before I had ever listened to a Marketplace Money. And that credit cards were not an option if you couldn't pay at the end of the month. 20 years later - BOY, was he right! THANK YOU.
  2. never burn bridges when you leave a job, you never know when you'll need those contacts again.
  3. "I like money. You have a little problem, you throw a little money at it and the problem goes away." Sad but often true.
  4. "You're only as rich as the things you can do without."-dad.
  5. I tell my kid "Never pay a hooker before the deed"
  6. When I was young my dad and I went out to the barn looking for my mother. It was dead silent except for the sound of horses chewing "crunch crunch crunch." My father turned to me and said "Do you know what that sound is? It is the sound of money disappearing forever, never to be seen again." :)
  7. Never charge more than you can payoff each month.
  8. Don't waste your money on buying lunch. Great advise. Hard to follow.
  9. Are comments limited to dads and sons only? My father (who suffered during The Great Depression) taught me, "If you don't have the money to buy it, you can't afford it. The only two things you should ever put on credit are a car and a house." He died before the costs of higher education and medical care became astronomical, but his advice has helped me discern wants and needs and to live well within my means.
  10. no money no talks. dad told me.