Can we afford kids?

Listeners on the decision to delay parenthood

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  1. My husband is a German national, and the German government (and society) actually supports new parents. Not so here in the US. We had a serious discussion about planning a family in the US and it's not an option - the math just doesn't add up. We're not ready to return to Germany at this point to live (and I'm already 40), so looks like we'll remain semi-dinks.
  2. My husband and I decided early on that kids were too expensive. Of course, if our priorities were different we would have made it work. However, we are so happy now in our early 40s that we were selfish. We love having the money and freedom to do things young families can't.
  3. Why more employers don't subsidize some amount for child care like most do for retirement is beyond me and my wife. It costs more a month than most mortgages and that is only one child. One of us will most likely have to quit our jobs when a second child comes along because of the daycare bill. It's crazy.
  4. You are SO right, Jason. Several of my friends had to quit their jobs because daycare costs for multiple kids exceeded what they made.
  5. I already don't have enough time/money/energy for all the stuff I need/want to get done! Where would kids fit???
  6. BTW... Some people think not having kids is selfish. I see it the other way: Having kids is selfish, especially considering the burden they place on the planet's dwindling resources. An American child has a voracious appetite. Deciding not to have kids doesn't take anything away from anyone, and frees up my time to help others.
  7. Praise all the people here who decided not to have kids! I am very happy not to have any children the costs the hassle the environmental impact etc I would much rather give my time to helping those in need. Best of all I have hair on my head.
  8. We decided to not have kids partly for financial reasons (it costs 250k - 500k to raise one child) and partly for ecological reasons (the earth is overpopulated enough already). We also enjoy the freedom. We're not alone. I've met several people in my circles who feel the same way.
  9. Yes! Financial reasons were a big part (but not the only reason) we decided not to have kids. We sort of just declared "we're selfish and we want to keep the lifestyle we enjoy right now" which we would enver be able to do if we were raising children. We love being DINKS!
  10. I am single now but had chances to have kids, but there was never the solid financial footing I felt necessary to bring someone into the world. I feel it's selfish to have kids and expect someone else to support them.
  11. My husband and I are in our 50s, married 25 years, and have never regretted not having kids. Both of us had problematic childhoods that didn't instill a desire to repeat the experience from the other end. Not having kids means we only have to take care of ourselves, financially, and as freelancers, that's a good thing. And considering the ever shrinking job market, and increasing strains on our natural resources, not having kids doesn't seem selfish at all.
  12. My wife and I would like to have kids, but my mother went on disability a few years ago and we are trying to extract her from some recently incurred debt. It feels like I already have the financial responsibilities of having a child, except mine "child" is 59 and lives in her own house.
  13. My husband and I are in our mid to late 30's. Originally we did not want children, but a few years ago decided we would try; but found out we are unable. The cost of having children "other ways" is too expensive and we decided that children were not meant for us.
  14. I'd love to have kids, but being a man in a same-sex relationship means money is required "up-front". My partner is not willing to adopt an older child (in the "waiting children" range of 7+ years), so that means adoption will cost $15,000+ dollars. ...See More