ELSI 5th Symposium: Young Researchers' Day

Young Researchers' Day was a day dedicated to early career researchers working on the origin of Earth and Life, organized by the Earth Life Science Institute (ELSI) at Tokyo Institute of Technology on January 10, 2017. Morning was presentations from 6 researchers, and afternoon discussion session.


  1. We had some gifts for the participants! Here in Japan, towels are a big deal, and restrooms do not usually have paper towels, so we decided to give our own ELSI towels!
  2. ELSI is located at the boundary between Ota and Meguro, in Tokyo. And we can have a nice view over Fuji-san as soon as the weather is clear! Winter sunny days are perfect!
  3. This was our first time organizing this event, so we were quite excited! First time live tweeting in English an ELSI event as well!
  4. The morning was 6 talks, by invited young researchers. First one, Marie Laure Pons, from Cambridge.