5th ELSI Symposium

ELSI 5th Symposium on "Expanding Views on the Emergence of the Biosphere"


  1. The poster for this symposium was refering to an old tale about knowledge: imagine different persons around an elephant, some of them being able to touch it but not look at it, some of them touching the trump, some of them the side of it, some of them the tail; they will all have an opinion about what they are touching, but may not actually guess it's an elephant.
  2. When looking for knowledge, people use different tools, and may be blindfolded about the other tools, so the best way to understand the origin of life is to have people from different field discussing together, and that's exactly the goal of ELSI!
  3. The Symposium was 3 days, with total of 17 talks. It was preceded by a Young Researchers' Day, and followed by 2 days of workshops.
  4. Day 1: Eric Smith on The many faces of the nature of life