Lone Star Dining in Wythenshawe

Go for Lunch and Feed Your Soul...you will be in great company with Wythenshawe Good Neighbours


  1. Wythenshawe Good Neighbours provide weekly community lunches for older residents of the area and trips out, near and far. The staff have gained their MIDAS training so are able to hire and can drive a mini bus, reducing the cost of taking older people out for lunches at more local venues. By taking advantage of two for one offers and vouchers to make the meal out more affordable, they will be able to accommodate at least 15 older people on the mini bus. They also hire a coach for more further afield trips to coastal resorts, places of interest and outlet shopping.
  2. The lunches are opportunities for researchers to visit and take advantage of the wealth of life and work experiences the lunch group possess. The older lunch goers have taken part in research with The British Heart Foundation, trialling digital equipment that can identify unusual heart arrhythmia, with Lancaster University exploring how social media and technology can reduce loneliness and isolation, with MMU Social Eating research and most recently helped with the making of a commercial for older denture wearers.
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  4. Elderly people Skype India to combat loneliness - Manchester Headline News
  5. Lone Star Dining is an approach that provides older citizens with a network of pubs, cafes, social clubs and restaurants to visit if they have no company and are dining alone. The eateries will offer a warm and friendly welcome to the older diner and make them feel at ease in their establishment. Older people often miss out on visiting a local cafe or having lunch because they are embarrassed about dining alone. They miss the dressing up and the anticipation of the occasion. The main focus of social eating schemes is about the older person eating in company and extending their network of friends and social eating spaces locally. Where we eat, who we eat with and when we eat, is often just as important as the food we eat.

  6. Do you enjoy eating out and socialising? Do you want to be part of an exciting social eating scheme? A scheme that will be rolled out, over the next 12 months, in many areas of the country, but piloted in Wythenshawe. Are you 50+? Are you energetic? Are you confident? Have you spare time on your hands? Do you like to meet new people? If the answer is yes, we want you to join our volunteer team? Wythenshawe Good Neighbours are looking to make up 8 teams of two people (16 volunteers) ideal for husband and wife teams and friends who want to volunteer together, to roll out the Lone Star Dining Scheme in Wythenshawe and surrounding areas. This will involve introducing the scheme to cafes, restaurants, social clubs and Pubs. You will receive a tool kit, training and expenses. Please email Marie - thegpprojects@live.co.uk for more information.